Rice Huller Machine

These specially designed machines are specially designed for use in countries where the outer husk only is to be removed from rice; and also for use in larger mills in which paddy is hulled before passing to the Combined Finishing Hullers and polishers.

We have been making this product for more than 15 years and are expertise in Rice Hullers. The body of this "MEGHDOOT" brand huller is made of Grey cast iron and thus gives longevity to the product. We have  different sizes of these hullers available as per the requirements of our customers.

We provide the rice huller machines with fittings like

  • Ball bearings for the smoothness of the machine
  • Pillow Block
  • Galvanized Iron Hoper
  • Cylinder Shell
  • Highly Tempered Screens and blades
  • Fly Wheel
  • Pulley
  • Greater out-put
  • It produces good quality of rice from paddy
  • Machine has great longevity and easy to operate
  • Trouble free Machine.

Rice Huller Machine No.2 :

Heavy duty precision engineered, durable, efficient and for quality rice. Higher hulling capacity makes this huller the first choice in the rice industries.


Rice Huller Machine No.2 - Meghdoot

Specifications -

Rice Huller  Output PerHour Driving Pulley Speed R.P.M Power Required
 Rice Huller No.2  1000Kg 12”x5” 850 20 HP
 Rice Huller No.8  725 Kg 10”x5” 900 15 HP
 Rice Huller No.4  500 Kg. 8” x 4” 1000 10 HP
 Rice Huller No.5  200 Kg. 6” x 3” 750 5 HP

Rice Huller Machine No.8  :

A complete precession engineered huller machine.The fine finish of this product gives extra finish to the rice.

Rice Huller Machine No.4 :

Precision engineered, durable, efficient and for quality rice. Removes the husk without tampering the food value of rice.


Rice Huller Machine No.5 :

Tiny but a very strong built huller does the same work as its bigger versions. Well defined for domestic use and for farmers with less rice production